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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

inescapable truth



Most people in the Christian community labor under what they consider to be inescapable truth. For a significant number of Christians that truth is that God is upset and He'll get you if you don't watch out. In most cases the church tries to soften the harshness of this truth by introducing concepts like love, grace, and mercy into God's mode of operation, but the bottom line is always pending judgment and divine retribution.  The Bible is claimed as the basis for all this truth.


 For those who do reverence the Bible as the source book for their religion, I'd suggest another inescapable truth. That is that everyone's biblically based theology will rely heavily on a relatively small portion of the scriptures and minimize or ignore a great deal. The varied and widely disparate ways God is depicted in the Bible provides ample room for different theologies, all supposedly confirmed by the Bible.


The history of Christianity and the church is a long running account of these different interpretation schemes and never ending attempts to force all who name the name of Jesus to acknowledge a common understanding. After 2000 years that has never happened.


Some may still believe that is possible, but I am convinced that a consistent theology based on the Bible is unattainable as long as we continue to assume that God is behind every word in the book. The average Bible adherent recoils at any suggestion that the Bible cannot be trusted in its entirety to convey divinely inspired, eternal truth. If that were true, I can't imagine why after this extended period of time Christianity hasn't figured it all out to our mutual satisfaction. Simply asserting that those who disagree with one's interpretation willfully misrepresent the obvious truth or are just ignorantly misguided really does nothing to explain the wide spectrum of interpretation. It merely provides an excuse for ignoring others and blindly following a favored tradition.