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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Religiously Inspired hatefulness



Apparently a good number of Christians don't believe that religiously inspired hatefulness is morally reprehensible and therefore rightly condemned. Instead they want to claim such behavior as an expression of religious freedom and divinely justified. The First Amendment becomes a convenient excuse for denigrating and harming others and then feeling perfectly righteous in the process.


These same folks have no problem with calling it like it is when the religiously hateful are Muslim, Hindu, or whatever else. Their blind spot is confined to their own theology. They needn't try to deflect the comparison by claiming that their hatefulness is non-violent or more divinely sanction than that of others. Jesus eliminated that argument in the Sermon on the Mount. Hate  is sinful. Sin is sin, none more significant than any other- end of story.


When men wrap themselves in the First Amendment to conduct themselves selfishly, violently, and hatefully, they make a mockery of religious freedom. The Golden Rule describes for real followers of Jesus the responsibilities under which religious freedom is enjoyed.