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god inspired poetry



The Bible is probably 50% poetry and even the narrative portions and NT letters have many poetic discourses. The insistence on a literal interpretation of the Bible has little meaning in the context of so much poetic and symbolic language.


The fact that men have debated for centuries over the meaning of the Bible is rooted in the very type of language in the Bible. Poetry, by its very nature, is veiled in its meaning and every reader is challenged to draw from it an individual understanding and application. This is the reason why many of us were frustrated by the study of poetry in high school. The meaning was often not obvious, perhaps only hinted at by the writer.


For writings of a poet spring from a form of inspiration. I suspect that even the poets don't always know what their words mean or where they originated. In other words, poetic expression can be a mystery even to the originator. Is there any wonder that the writers of the Bible attributed their words to God?