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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

integrity and humility


When we consider the components of integrity, what characteristics do we identify? Honesty. Decency. Responsibility. Dependability. Trustworthiness. Respect. Kindness. All these elements of integrity are generally recognized.

However, is there more to personal integrity than these? What about humility? What about self sacrifice? What about graciousness? Are these not also a necessary part of being an integral human being, one properly integrated into humanity, contributing to and enhancing the contribution of others to the progress of the human race.

Integrity is the summation of what exemplifies a model human being. It describes what Paul called the fruits of the spirit, the mind of Christ, and the marks of spiritual maturity in the full-grown individual.

The integrated individual has moved beyond the quibbles of ritualism in orthodox religion. Their spiritual identity is maintained on the inside in the realm of the spiritual and not by outward displays of piety, which so easily turn us into smug religionists.

Integrity stands in stark contrast to the carnal mind and the fruits of the flesh. It is far removed from the influence of the Tree of Knowledge with its promotion of pride, disdain, conflict, disunity, disrespect, ruthlessness, and righteous evil.

Arrogance, self importance, self promotion, and self righteousness are all anathema to our personal integrity because they destroy the very basis for integrity, namely integration into the wholeness of humanity.