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Inventing Enemies



According to conventional theology, God didn't have any enemies so He proceeded to invent or create some. First, He created a group of angels, some of which went off on their own and became His enemies. Then to add to the mix, He created human beings who obligingly broke his commandment in the Garden and thus became a new crop of enemies to be dealt with.


I have to ask why is God so obsessed with enemies, especially when He is supposedly much too powerful to be threatened by anything. Does He just relish conflict, judgment, and retribution? Sounds very peculiar to me.


A friend of mine mentioned an article he read, entitled "Inventing the Enemy". The title intrigues me because it suggest the idea that if it weren't for inventing enemies we might not have any. Of course, for some, the absence of enemies destroys their very reason for living.


I know that the majority will probably reject the suggestion that we make enemies by imagining them and treating them according. But I bet not many would deny that we can make an enemy by how we treat others. So the real question is which comes first the labeling as an enemy or the behavior that consummates the label. Each can search their own heart for that answer.


Identifying and coordinating the attack on enemies is the life work of a significant number of people in our society. In that occupation, a good number become celebrities and grow rich. All who object to being manipulated by self promoters should seriously re-evaluate their allegiance to these fear merchants.


Jesus led the way in dealing with enemies. Just refuse to acknowledge any. Treat every slight as a non-event. Make friends of potential opponents. Forsake self interest for the good of others. Not an easy prescription to follow but also definitely at odds with what we generally do while claiming Jesus as our guide.