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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

invoking god's curse

As so often in the past, current day orthodox Christianity is fixated with the so called “Second Coming of Christ” which is supposedly the prelude to a judgment of all humanity in which most will be cursed by God with eternal punishment. In calling attention to this Second Coming, preachers frequently encourage congregants to eagerly anticipate and even pray for the soon arrival of this climactic event. In effect, such prayers would be a petition for God’s curse to fall on untold millions.


One must ask how such prayers differ in principle from the commonly employed profanity so abhorred by “good Christians” in many of the same churches that promote an ever imminent judgment. I guess calling for God’s curse on a small fraction of humanity with the usual profane expression is somehow more heinous and sinful than praying for God’s curse to come on the vast majority of humanity. In fact, these churches which call for such prayers actually uphold such prayers as an act of absolute piety. Once more church doctrine sets itself against all logic and reasonableness, suggesting an absurdity as a biblically mandated reality.