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is anger a fruit of the spirit?



Judging from the stridency and invective which emanates from the Church on a variety of issues and subjects, one would have to conclude that “righteous indignation” is indeed a fruit of the Spirit. So much that characterizes so called “Christianity” today involves an almost rabid opposition to this group or that social/political issue. In such an atmosphere, anger becomes a measure of one’s spirituality, and the more anger one can demonstrate the more spiritual you become.


All this emphasis on the “Christian’s” responsibility to overcome “evil” through direct and vehement opposition seems so at odds with those portions of the Bible which make its message unique and potentially powerful. The seething anger and the associated anxiety of “Christianity” find no apparent place along side the Beatitudes of Jesus (meek, merciful, and peaceful) or the fruits of the Spirit enumerated by the Apostle Paul (peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness). When Paul admonished the Romans to over come evil with good, that hardly seems to include anger and even violence opposition.


As so often happens, a potential follower of Christ and the biblical story and message is left to choose what he or she wants to accept as the important attributes and consequences of that message. How does a true follower exhibit that allegiance and how does that follower react in trying to transform the world? The chooser will undoubtedly find scriptural support for dramatically divergent paths, so the final answer will ultimately depend on what one believes is axiomatic and what one believes is subordinate. Everyone applies the Bible to their belief system in this way. It is unavoidable.