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is christianity defined by the ten commandments?

To hear the church harp on the Ten Commandments and the need to post them, learn them, and follow them, you’d think that Jesus’ message is defined by those ten items. If that were the case, one might wonder why Jesus had to come at all. Moses had already delivered that message.


Interestingly, though the commandments of Moses weren’t even directed at mankind as a whole, only to the Israelites. Who but they were commanded to remember the Sabbath Day? Orthodox Christianity’s fascination with the Old Testament legal system and systematic denial of the new message of Christ, has led to manmade inventions like the Christian Sabbath (Sunday). That OT device then conveniently allowed for another, the tithe.


Maybe, just maybe, people will wake up to the fact that Jesus was about a dramatic change in thinking from that entertained by Moses and his followers. The Ten Commandments represent the past, a past we are called upon by Jesus to forsake. God’s reality has not changed but man’s thoughts and assumptions must if we are ever to understand Jesus in all his transcendence.