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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

is there any wonder?



How does one claim the identity of Christian and then ignore the Golden Rule as a guiding principle? To claim Christianity is to invoke Christ as my teacher and example. WWJD is posited as the basic question of Christianity. How is that different from asking what would the Golden Rule lead me to do? Why is the obsession of Christianity, the Ten Commandments, and not the supreme commandments as delineated by Christ? Why claim to be a follower of one whose essential teaching I ignore in favor of something more palatable and mundane. When Jesus called those who loved him to obey his commandments, how did the Golden Rule get eliminated from that list? The label Christian becomes strange indeed, when it means rejecting forgiveness, empathy, humility, and universal brotherhood and embracing fear, anger, selfishness, aggression, and religious elitism. Does anyone wonder that outsiders view such a conflicted religion with dismay or disdain?