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is the truth evident?


Throughout Christianity, those who insist on correct biblical doctrine naturally contend that it possible to see and understand Bible Truth correctly. At the same time most of these same people recognize a host of others who do not understand it correctly, i.e. the same way they do. This begs the question as to why these others do not see the Truth. If the Truth is evident in the Bible, i.e. easily seen, the deviation from the Truth, in spite of exposure to the Bible, has to be explained as a deliberate effort to avoid/subvert that Truth. Thus we experience the constant denunciation of other so called Christians by all sects who insist on their version of Truth. The implication behind these denunciations has to be that honest people cannot miss the Truth without trying to miss it, because the truth is very evident.

In contradistinction to the implied evidence above, we also experience the church's insistence on paid professionals to interpret and instruct in the Truth. An evident truth should logically require no such interpreters. These church ministers treat the Bible and its Truth like some kind of mystery which must be unraveled by proper exegesis. By definition, mysteries are not evident .

Can a man's eternal destination be dependent on something as tenuous as the ability to unravel a complex mystery successfully. Of course, Orthodoxy's god is one of caprice, so they don't consider hidden but essential truth to be any kind of issue. Every element of confusion, contradiction, and absurdity is amply covered in the shroud of God's mystery, leaving the Truth evident to the church ministers, if to no one else.

So, the answer to the question is yes and no, apparently. When it serves the purpose of the moment, the truth is evident; and those who miss or deny it are rightfully condemned. On the other hand, when the church's position of authority is at stake, the truth becomes veiled in mystery, which can only be revealed by those in authority.