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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

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Many who claim Christianity in this country cry about how they are viewed negatively by fellow countrymen. For a variety of reasons, the institutional church, which has promoted the conflicted message of Christian Orthodoxy, has lost its past ability to control and limit the discussion of national religious thought. More and more people, especially the young, feel free to question all that the church has represented in the past. A significant portion of the population has come to believe that the exploration and development of one's spirituality does not require attachment to the church and its rigid doctrines. People simply refuse to blindly accept the illogical and even unethical pronouncements of Christian Orthodoxy.


All those Christians who see themselves as morally superior, God favored, and divinely mandated to demand compliance with their theology must recognize that their attitudes and behaviors are offensively self promoting. Those who witness this sort of Christian thinking are rightfully repulsed by the inherent arrogance and self righteousness involved. Whereas, in the past, the risk of public approbation was sufficient to silence dissenters and critics of Christianity's bigheadedness, the current atmosphere actually encourages theological debate and disagreement.


Christian Orthodoxy is living with the results of its own intransigence and excess. Their response to growing religious skepticism, in too many cases, has been to double down on the failed doctrines of the past, the very ones which have made a mockery of many of our professed national ideals. By obfuscating about religious freedom, presuming the role of persecuted martyrs, spreading fear and pessimism, and misrepresenting the motives of outsiders, the Christian traditionalists attempt to divert attention from their own spiritual malfeasance. They also openly propose to use coercion through the political process to advance their cause and impose a spiritual tyranny on the country. Where their so called gospel has failed miserably to convince and transform, they resort to oppression and calumniation in the tradition of the Inquisition.