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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

it's all about obedience


Religiously we hear over and over again the importance of obedience to the divine commandments. This has been bedrock theology for Christianity all along. The resulting institutional church has thus been the most steadfast proponent of unquestioning obedience to traditional doctrines and practices, strict conformity to prevailing social norms, and absolute respect for authority both political and religious.


The very notion of obedience implies that there must be rules or laws which need to be followed. And as is always true, if obedience is to be taught and required, there must be punishments and punishers. Thus the institutional church has always been a legal entity and, in various ways including close affiliation with secular government, an enforcer of the laws. The focus on obedience demands conformity, condemns dissent, and propagates coercion to achieve the desired compliance. All of these practices are evident in our society and are engrained by the influence of Orthodox Christianity and its intimate association with Old Testament Judaism.


To be out of sync with Christian Orthodoxy with its emphasis on restraints, judgments, and traditional beliefs is tantamount to being un-American in the historical sense. If you are not a Christian you cannot be a true, i.e. traditional American. This message is shouted to the rooftops by many elements in this country, especially those affiliated with the orthodox church.