Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

it's only my opinion



My expressed opinion on the message of the Bible is yours to accept or reject. I do not set forth my interpretation as the only one possible, nor do I believe that anyone’s acceptance of my opinion is a requirement in God’s eyes. I feel free to express my opinion, even compelled in many cases, but I do so without expecting that anyone’s eternal destiny hangs in the balance. Eternal destinies are in the capable hands of God, and He requires no assistance from me to manage them.


However, I emphatically feel that a richer, fuller appreciation of the biblical story and its true significance would be marvelously beneficial to all mankind. Old religious fallacies and misunderstandings breed a host of problems in our world, and “Christianity” contributes more than its share.


Those who propose to speak for God in interpreting the Bible and then demand that we all bow to their understanding or face God’s wrath, display great arrogance. What purpose could a written revelation serve besides providing the means for each individual to read and draw their own conclusions? To treat the Bible as the means to document the Truth for the “called” few so they, in turn, can enlighten the rest of humanity devalues the whole concept of revelation.


If God required unanimity of opinion about the Bible, He would not have delivered a 2000 page mixture of history, parable, allegory, metaphors, prophetic hyperboles, poetry, and culturally tinted language. The Bible message is simple and yet profound, and its presentation is a study in subtlety and counter intuitiveness. No man’s interpretation can be a requirement for some one else. To claim otherwise is to usurp the authority of the sacred Author.