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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

it's your own fault


If you don’t understand the Bible or if it confuses and frustrates you, it is your own fault. Either you are willfully ignorant of the Bible or else lazy and gullible, allowing some false teacher to divert you from the “Truth”. God has provided a vehicle, the Bible, to make the “Truth” available to all mankind, and each individual must learn from the Book, avoid and reject the manifold errors being taught, recognize and accept the real “Truth”, and then react properly. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will aid the honest seeker in sorting out the “Truth”; but that help depends on the individual seeking the “Truth” appropriately.  If anyone fails to do what God requires, they are personally responsible for that failure and will suffer the consequences.  Individual circumstances never mitigate those consequences. The eternal outcome is totally up to each individual. God bears no responsibility for consignment to eternal punishment because people are free to choose their final destiny.

Or so goes the story of Orthodox Christianity. But does any of that make a bit of sense? It doesn’t to me and not to countless others who seek spiritual fulfillment through the church and its message. Instead of achieving spiritual transformation and peace, these seekers experience a renewed sense of inadequacy and guilt because they can’t understand and properly react to what is inherently incomprehensible.