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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

I was born to be somebody



In a recent popular song we hear the words- "I was born to be somebody. The world will belong to me". In pondering the associated message, I see several possible meanings. One is a prideful boast about what I will accomplish through personal diligence, dedication, and performance. Another might be an optimistic expression of how I see my life circumstances and experiences unfolding, without necessarily claiming credit for the associated successes- life is inherently good, so I anticipate goodness and the resultant feeling of wholeness. Finally, another shade of meaning could be that each human being is endowed with essential worthiness and is therefore entitled by birth to enjoy life. Each person was created for the purpose of successful living.


Religiously, many of us have been inculcated with the idea that in the eyes of God we are less than somebody, because God is more than ready to dismiss us over our imperfections. The church further teaches that our basic problem is our association with the world. Being a part of the world is to be avoided. Whatever worthiness we enjoy in God's eyes is a matter of personal accomplishment, because we must perform correctly in order to be seen as worthy. No one is born worthy in the mind of the church, just the opposite, in fact.


In reality, the message of Jesus is that I was born worthy and I am destined to be successful, to live abundantly. This is my birthright, my very reason for existence. I was not born to be somebody, though, to the exclusion of others. They were similarly born to be somebody. Every human being is precious in the eyes of the God who declared all things good.