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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

jesus saves from hell

I recently saw a proud bumper sticker which proclaimed: “Jesus saves from Hell.” What a monstrously profane story evangelical fundamentalism projects on the world. This same message has created the terminology and mindset that consigns people to Hell, so as far as I am concerned they bear the responsibility when folks use the same to heap curses on one another and even inanimate objects. The church preaches a god who damns and then rails against the humans who mimic that god. That makes absolutely no sense. If they want to recover civility to daily discourse as they claim, why not return civility to the god they embrace?


Who supposedly created Hell? Who consigns people to Hell? How can the same Jesus who saves also condemn? If Jesus saves, is He saving from His Father? Does the Father love His enemies? Did Jesus teach to love one’s enemies? Can a God who claims to love His enemies and to desire all men to be saved, consign those enemies to Hell and do so with any consistency of character or purpose?


It time to stop reading the Bible and quoting the Bible without pondering the Bible and meditating on its message and implications. We have too long professed a reverence for the sacred text without bringing an honest, questioning, seeking spirit to bear on the study of the Bible. We are too prone to accept without question what the church has handed down because to do otherwise is uncomfortable and too strenuous.