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Jesus and sexual sins



You'll notice that Jesus spend his entire ministry advising and admonishing God's chosen people, the Jews, exclusively. He pointedly stated that his mission did not address outsiders (Matthew 15:24). Additionally, when he spoke harshly to anyone it was almost always the religious leaders of his day. His focus was on the shortcomings of the heart and mind, the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes which fouled the behavior of people who felt themselves special and exclusively so.


Incongruously, those in the church today constantly direct their attention to the behavior of those outside their select group, preferring to condemn others rather than seeing and dealing with their own heart issues. For very corrective word or thought about their own shortcomings, the church expends a thousand aimed at outsiders. In that regard, we witness the church's relentless effort to control human sexuality. Unlike Jesus, who freely associated with harlots and divorcees and rarely, if ever, recorded a word of condemnation toward them, the church is fixated on sexual sins.


I think Jesus recognized that sexual sins were the center of religious attention because that emphasis served as a smokescreen, allowing religious leaders to piously pontificate while their own sins went unnoted. Given what Jesus declared about the equal significance of all sin, there is absolutely no basis for preferring to question sexual behaviors more so than the more subtle and hurtful sins of lying, defrauding, and hating.


If the church followed Jesus' example, they would be way too busy working their own shortcomings to ever worry about those they see in outsiders. Following Jesus, in the mind of the church, apparently does not mean emphasizing what he did and focusing on the chosen few he exclusively addressed. The church prefers Paul to Jesus, as often as not.