Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

judgment and Destruction




Many in the church want to embrace God, primarily, as the Great Judge of mankind and the ultimate destroyer of the universe. I conclude this from observing how many insist that God is arbitrary, angry, violently inclined, and rigidly insistent on retribution. These ones constantly call attention to their understanding that God plans an ever imminent destruction of His creation and the vast majority of men along with it. Apparently, this destruction is the final, awesome demonstration of God's power and majesty. God was great in creation but not so much as He will be in destruction.


To foresee a great divine destruction as the ultimate act of glorification is incongruous in the extreme. Anyone can see that acts of destruction are totally trivial. Children destroy with ease. It takes great effort to create. Killing is the capability of the least admirable among us. Bringing to life is beyond the reach of humanity.


Given these obvious observations from our personal experience, why would we ever believe that God can be glorified by judgment and subsequent destruction? It just does not compute. Why would the one we know as Creator, having provided the marvels of the physical universal for our enjoyment and admiration, then revert to the petty role of destroyer of what He originally created? How does this display of unbridled pique lay claim to glorious achievement? Such would be no more glorious than my squishing a cockroach.