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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Kindness to criminals



I suspect the extreme irony of the recent Chronicle article about a political candidate's alleged kindness to an illegal immigrant escaped the attention of most. Within our supposed Christian democratic culture our attitudes and actions relative to the wayward are always shrouded in moral ambiguity. On the one hand we pledge allegiance to the rule of law as a necessary element in an ordered society. Then conversely, we celebrate a Divine Being who is defined by His forbearance for and love of the wayward. If God was committed to law and order above merciful kindness, many would recognize their own doom in that divine commitment.


One might logically ask why a society operating under the auspices of a merciful God exhibits such disdain for human displays of kindness toward anyone. I know it is easy to theorize that an act of kindness directed to a lawbreaker makes the kind one an accomplice in crime. That does not, however, deal with the incongruity of claiming Jesus, on the one hand, and then pillorying someone for being kind-hearted on the other.


Those who want to pretend that being serious about Jesus and the God he portrayed is simple and ideologically straight forward are not very serious thinkers. Jesus presents to the truly observant a powerfully counter intuitive challenge to our everyday thoughts, assumptions, and reactions. Until we quit trying to define all moral issues simplistically in newsworthy, politically motivated buzz words, we probably aren't that committed to Jesus.