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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the kingdom and its blessings



When Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God and Heaven over 150 times in the Gospel accounts and only twice mentioned the church, how did Christianity end up with the church instead of the kingdom? Most often we hear that somehow the imminent, promised kingdom spoken of by Jesus so ardently still has not materialized. Supposedly, despite the clear words of Jesus on the subject of kingdom timing (Matt 3:2, 16:28, Mark 9:1, Luke 9:27), the kingdom is off in out future somewhere. How all that could be understood without impugning Jesus’ message and ministry is essentially ignored. Unexplained explanations are deemed sufficient to settle the question.


The apparent difficulty with seeing the kingdom is the idea that it was supposed to be like the other earthly kingdoms with which people were familiar. Jesus dealt with this issue also during His teaching. The kingdom was never intended to be outwardly observed. It was not to exist because of aggression and destruction. Instead the kingdom was to exist within the human heart. The results of the kingdom within were the enjoyment of the kingdom blessings- joy, peace, abundant life- each the fruit of love , yet another essential element of the message of Jesus. When we turn our attention from the outwardly visible church and instead focus on the inward man, the human heart, I think we will recognize the kingdom as a current reality, but perhaps not the reality we have come to expect.