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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

knowing jesus while not knowing jesus

What does knowing Jesus really mean? Many seem to think that knowing Jesus means accepting his historical reality and following some churches interpretation of what it takes to properly respond to that reality. Under this paradigm, people have to be taught about the historical Jesus before they can know Him, and the poor soul who has no one to enlighten him to the story of Jesus is doomed.


This traditional scenario makes man the ultimate arbiter of eternal salvation. It also enshrines the Bible as the sole source of knowledge about knowing Jesus. Jesus, the Book, and the preacher all combine to provide the knowledge which is the essence of knowing Jesus, as traditionally taught.


Who truly knows Jesus - the Tibetan Buddhist who is careful of how he treats every living thing or the American who claims Christianity as his religion and thinks evil is dealt with by preaching hellfire, calling the cops, and sending in the Marines. The Apostle John (I John 4) told us how to know those who know God and who, then, by extension know Jesus. That identity is not measured by any acts of judgment, piety, or violence.