Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

labels are so handy



If you oppose the power and restraint of secular government you are known as a constitutional patriot. If you oppose the power and constraint of the institutional church you are called a skeptic, atheist, demon, or heretic. If you oppose the power and oppression of business interests you are dismissed as a socialist, communist, or union anarchist. Why is the operation of the one called tyranny, the next promoted as divine guidance, and the latter praised as the beneficial operation the free market system? Or even an expression of religious freedom?


These differing labels and attitudes are especially strange when you notice that the oppressions of the sacred two are mainly conducted in collusion with the hated one. This favoritism ignores the fact that government is by nature in the essential business of restraint with the implied blessing of the citizenry. No such mandate, implied or otherwise, has been granted by the general public to these other two self appointed societal "managers".


So oppose oppression as your sacred right, but it makes no sense to condemn the  government while ignoring the two most powerful groups influencing the government policy.