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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

layman with an open "Mike"



After a funeral in which a family member spoke, a preacher involved made the remark that the most dangerous thing a preacher could do was to give a layman an open microphone. It was a startling expression of candor. The clear implication was that the church and its leadership, the preachers, need to be wary of letting the average member or citizen speak frankly and openly to the congregation. If the religious dialogue is to be controlled and traditional religion maintained, it is folly to allow people in general to express questions, doubts, and personal beliefs. Nobody understands this like those whose very livelihoods depend on the religious status quo.


Thinking of this kind is just another demonstration of what dogmatic, exclusive religion is all about. When doctrine and dogma become the marks of godliness and acceptability and institutional religion is sold as their administrator, spiritual stagnation becomes an imperative and no one can be allowed to stir the waters.