Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

let's brag on god for a change



Some seem to object to what I call a grander picture of God, one which makes Him legitimately sovereign and unfailing. Personally, I think it is time to brag on God for a change. The traditional stories about Him have been anything but flattering, making Him sound more like a god made in man’s image than like a transcendent being who defies imagination. Can we have too high an opinion of God or too grand a picture of His Love? Can the human intellect imagine something grander in love than God can? No one I know would propose that man can out love God who is defined as such. Therefore it seems impossible, that mere man can out visualize God in terms of redemption.


No, the fact is that the realities of God’s love are quite beyond man’s assumptions, inclinations, and general understanding. That is the reason why the message of Jesus was and continues to be misunderstood and rejected. Humanity, including the church, has not come to grips with the counter intuitive idea of loving your enemies, which is a demonstration of unconditional, God like, love if there ever was one. Instead we have morphed Christ’s message and work into a horror story about an angry God who torments His enemies for the pure Hell of it.


In the name of the church and Christianity, so called followers of Jesus practice exclusion and preach unrelenting struggle against the world, which means the rest of their fellow human beings. The angry God depiction justifies in their minds their own anger and mindless opposition to all who differ with their theology. The church feigns to be an instrument for good in society; but, in fact, it infects all it touches with pessimism, fear, bigotry, and a stifling anti-intellectualism which excoriates any serious inquiry into their theology.


It is the irony of all ironies that while the church laments the poisoning of society by the sins of those outside its walls, it propagates the very attitude among its followers and society at large which actually dooms us to repeat unendingly the mistakes of the past. The church judges, opposes, ostracizes, and rejects. If those activities could produce positive results in the world, then we should have achieved heaven on earth long ago. No, those activities are the cause of all sinfulness and not the solution. The church is, in fact, largely the problem it so ardently deplores.