Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

let's face it!


The religiously superior, the God ordained exclusive people by whatever theological definition, are and ever will be the sworn enemies of democracy and equality in any form. Laws enacted by people who deny equality before God will inherently justify other inequalities. When all start off equal before the laws of God but then later some become superior in godliness, wisdom, and worthiness in the eyes of God, that later inequality will taint any attempts at equality before the  state.


To believe otherwise is to ignore how our ego or carnal mind always works. The Apostle Paul spent much of his writings warning against religious superiority through law keeping. To the extent that Christianity is a religion predicated on procedural rules (laws), it fails to comprehend the magnitude of Paul’s dire warnings.


If the dogma of the religiously superior also demands segregation from the inferior (unequal), religious warfare, and government sanctioned religious indoctrination, you generate a climate ripe for oppression and disunity. Any who declare that the institutional church and Christian Orthodoxy was the vital seedbed of a great democratic union are ignoring all that is undemocratic about Christian Orthodoxy.