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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

living in god's presence



It is a common notion that somehow God is far from us in our day. He is supposedly distant because of displeasure with the state of human societies and his inability to countenance mankind’s sinful behaviors. God is perceived as remote, angry, grieved, unapproachable, and just waiting to end it all.


This kind of thinking is closely tied to the Old Testament mindset. God in the Old Testament alternated between blessing and cursing Israel, his chosen people. Always though, God worked ultimately to display his love and mercy upon those he had chosen.


In our day, the situation is not like that in the Old Testament. God has resolved the problem which originally separated mankind from his Creator. That resolution was completed through the finished work of Christ.


The apparent reason why many don’t accept that the problem has been resolved is because they see a future step in the redemptive process. Conventional wisdom says that Christ has not defeated Satan, brought life through the resurrection, or destroyed death yet. All these promised blessings supposedly await a future “second coming” of Christ. The incompleteness of redemption means that the sin issue has not really been resolved and mankind remains largely unredeemed.


In actual fact Jesus proclaimed no protracted redemption but rather one whose fulfillment was imminent in his day. Jesus did foresee and prophesy about a culminating event which extended beyond the days of his earthly ministry. However, that event was clearly defined as occurring within the lifetime of his generation. Consequently, Jesus could and did speak of all redemption work as drawing to a close in his day (Luke 21:22).


In reality then, God is no longer distant from us. However, to the extent that we do not recognize our new relationship with him, we still suffer from many of the ills of the Old Testament period. We are still free to perceive God as angry and remote if we choose to do so. In making that choice we deny the gospel and bring upon our minds and hearts all the problems of guilt and fear which so characterized those of that former preparatory age (Gal 3:24).


Gloriously, it doesn’t have to be that way. Feel free to walk boldly in the presence of God today. Christ made all that possible. It is God’s desire to meet you face to face each and every day of your life.