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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

living water



Scientific advancement has revealed some startling facts which seriously challenge our normal understanding of the material universe. For instance, Quantum Physics has noted that inanimate objects like electrons display a measure of consciousness or awareness of the type we generally associate with life, especially life of the most developed kind. Additionally, science has studied something as simple and common as water and discovered things about that vital life substance which mirror and demonstrate a form of consciousness, again indicating the presence of a life force within what we routinely assume to be lifeless. And then science has documented how plants, which of course are alive but not usually seen as sentient, appear to be conscious after all and perfectly capable of responding to stimuli in ways that suggest higher levels of awareness and cognition than preciously assumed. 


As amazing as these new scientific revelations are, those who claim the Bible as their source of divine truth should not be surprised. A perfect example of what I mean is contained in the Psalms, for example Psalms 148, where inanimate objects are routinely said to praise God. Now we might tend to interpret these words metaphorically as meaning that these items merely emphasize the glories of creation and thereby glorify God. However, the word praise is more provocative than the word glorify. Praise suggests a conscious effort or action to glorify and not just an unconscious reflection of glory. Taken at face value then, these Psalms substantiate the very ideas which the forefront of scientific inquiry strongly infer.


The traditional dualism which divides the world into the alive and the dead becomes more and more untenable as we progress in our understanding of creation. Many in the scientific community are coming to see the physical universe as totally alive and interconnected in a web of consciousness. This consciousness connection begins more and more to look like that which unites, maintains, and enlivens everything which exists. In effect, this consciousness and interconnection redefines our very concept of divinity.


When Jesus spoke of living water, maybe he intimated much more than we have traditionally assumed. Perhaps, the God of Life, Love, and Truth infuses all of His creation in an intimate way which means that there is no place or aspect of that creation which does not exhibit the Life of the Creator