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Logical Inconsistencies



When confronted by logical inconsistencies of Christian Orthodoxy, some adherents try to address the questions raised by quoting scripture. That makes no sense, unless one contends that the Bible itself is logically inconsistent, therefore leading to the inconsistencies in question. Others may contend that human logic is irrelevant to orthodox theology, claiming that it is derived from divine revelation, unaided by human intellect. That is patently absurd because Christendom has argued and split over biblical interpretation for thousands of years all over the human effort to properly interpret this divine revelation.  Without the institutional church’s sanctioned interpretation of scripture there would no orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is all about the church’s interpretation of the Bible which is undeniably an exercise in human intellect and logic.


No, dealing with the real issues of orthodoxy cannot be done by simply quoting selected verses. Many in the churches that espouse an orthodox theology deal with the logical inconsistencies associated with that theology by simply ignoring them and discouraging any questions. These issues are nothing new. The church’s approach to them is not new either. The pews are full of people with real, valid questions, even if they never voice them. The church avoids these questions and an honest response to them at its own peril, because the new generation does not suffer in silence like those of the past. Thank the Lord for that.