Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love




As I consider various interpretations of the Bible, I tend to reject any that I consider to detract from the goodness and majesty of God. Of course, as I apply this criterion, I must decide what I mean by divine majesty. As I consider the subject of divine majesty, I detect a common notion that whatever God may do is majestic by definition. Under this paradigm, He is Supreme in all things; and His doings cannot be questioned. This definition of majesty projects the idea that God dictates what we must consider as majestic. Majesty originates with God, and human thought and opinion is irrelevant. Humans are to recognize majesty by fiat, not personal evaluation. This point of view reflects one of the possible definitions of majesty, i.e. sovereign power and authority, the ability to dictate  the way things are and will be. It is the root of the title, "Your Majesty", which has been  used to address earthly rulers


An alternative definition of majesty is splendor of character. This form of majesty exists in the mind of an observer. It results from the opinion of an outsider and cannot be demanded or dictated. Instead it must be engendered by the way God behaves toward or in the presence of men. This, for me, is the only form of majesty which would freely inspire respect. This majesty is not driven by fear, guilt, or a sense of duty. It is the product of spontaneous wonder and profound awe. It is the only thing that motivates many to embrace any understanding of God.