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the manhood gold standard



In a recent television program a female character said: He is the guy I compare all other men against. I wondered what that guy was like to become the male gold standard, in her eyes at least.


Everyone probably has some one they admire as a gender role model. It might be a family member or friend; that is always wonderful, to have someone close who is worthy of emulation.


For others the standard bearer might be a celebrity, a political leader, a successful entrepreneur, an athlete, or a soldier. In any case, the chosen one exhibits attributes and enjoys privileges which inspire emulation.


I don't imagine that the prevalent gold standard for real men is Jesus, even among those who name his name religiously. Too much about Jesus is way outside the box. Poverty, self denial, rejection, association with the low born and offensive, submissiveness, and sacrificial death are not the normal measures of success, desirability, and acclaim. In fact, a man who routinely exhibited such characteristics and behaviors would most likely be labeled no man at all. His manhood would be seriously questioned by many of us.


Naturally, someone will note an occasional outburst of anger in the biblical account of Jesus and conclude that is the his real example, not all that other stuff. One can do that if they like but not without basically ignoring a lot of the Bible.


Jesus is actually an enigma to most all of us, in or out of the church. He just doesn't naturally fall into the mold our carnal mind would see as practical and appealing. There's probably a good reason for that. Jesus didn't come to reinforce our carnal thinking. He came to wake us up to the mind of Christ.