Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

man up, Jesus



Many in the church, obsessed as they are with the Old Testament “eye for an eye” ethics, have completely re-invented Jesus to make him more manly, more aligned with the stereotypical superheroes of Hollywood. They have no use for a “squishy, liberal, namby-pamby Savior. To them, if he doesn’t kick butt and take names, he isn’t worth knowing. All that drivel about love, forbearance, peace, and forgiveness is equated with weakness and naiveté.


The fact that they can’t find their preferred Jesus in the Bible doesn’t matter at all. They simply ignore what doesn’t mesh with their version and thus create the Savior they don’t have to mimic because he mimics them, instead. In effect, they become their own Savior, doing what comes naturally to their carnal minds and claiming divine approval in the process.


If seeing and knowing the real Jesus is in any way necessary to spiritual well-being, then all attempts to make Jesus more palatable to our natural mind and inclinations are a diversion. Surely people must realize that Jesus couldn’t just reiterate OT principles and actually elevate mankind spiritually. Rules and punishments for those who violate the rules was nothing new and certainly didn't remotely challenge our normal mindset. The carnal mind readily embraces such thinking, as proven by the way people operate all over the globe. Mankind doesn't need Jesus to learn and operate under “eye for an eye”.


How does a macho Jesus ever become the source of grace and mercy? To the ‘eye for an eye” mentality, grace and mercy for others are anathema, so we thus experience the re-defined Jesus who is so integral to the popular notion of Christianity.