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marketing strategy


One of the complaints I have heard about the modern day church is that they are too enamored with new, flavor of the month programs designed to boost the popularity of the church and by extension its theology. All this novelty is seen by many as a diversion from the church’s essential message about how to be saved from God’s wrath.

A fact that seems to be lost on those making such a complaint is that the church is in the marketing business by design. Therefore a successful marketing strategy is essential. The church’s challenge is admittedly different from that of the ordinary marketer. Generally, a seller with an unpopular product, changes to a new product, because that is what the market requires. In the church’s case the product they are selling is sacred, so the marketing strategy can only be about presentation- how the product is packaged, described, and advertized. There may be a little room to tweak the product about the edges, but basically what you see is all there will ever be.

With this marketing scenario and all its constraints, it is no wonder the church struggles so with how to sell successfully. That not withstanding, it is a bit strange to see many in the church blame the potential buyers for the lack of sales. Those who don’t go that route seem perfectly satisfied to reinvent the old, old story in some new way to make it easier to sell. Innovation may be anathema to the traditionalists, but if they really are concerned about success, something has to give. I doubt that is going to be the attitude of the prospective buyers. The target audience is getting more and more discerning every day.