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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

why so little of the message behind the message?


If eternal torment is the ultimate reality for most under the tenets of Christianity, why don’t we hear more from the pulpit about that subject? Seemingly, Christians, especially their leaders, should feel compel by the magnitude of consequences of their beliefs to endlessly focus on Hell in every teaching opportunity. After all, the implication of eternal punishment is that above all else, men should do whatever necessary to avoid that fate.


If Christian instruction is the process by which Hell is avoided, then why doesn’t every teaching moment focus on that subject directly and pointedly. Why waste time speaking about anything else?  Just put the fear of Hell front and center and forget about all the other distractions.


I can only imagine how long the churches would remain full, if preachers really followed the path which their doctrine of eternal torment would logically dictate. I think anyone can realize that an unrelenting diet of hellfire would be mind numbing to most, even the most orthodox. The fact that the church doles out the message of eternal punishment in small, carefully orchestrated doses instead of a constant deluge tells us something about how they really view the message behind their message.