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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

mind reading



If you are at all like me, you often feel like you can read minds and fathom the motives of other people.. In more rational moments I realize that such feelings are utter foolishness, but I continuously fall back into the fallacy of assuming too much knowledge.


For those of us who were raised to read and respect the Bible, this tendency to assume superior and even supernatural knowledge is engrained. After all, the Bible supposedly uncovers the essence of the human nature and therefore provide great insights into the motivation behind human behavior. Thus, those of us steeped in the Bible come by our ability to peer into the mind and heart of man because we supposedly have divine assistance.


Whenever we engage in the judgment and condemnation of another, we must assume some motivation because condemnation requires that we dismiss any possibility of extenuating or mitigating circumstances. In other words, condemnation implies that the offender has no excuse and therefore rightfully suffers the consequences of our and/or society's censure and rejection. The motivation for bad behavior under this assumption has to be an inherent problem in the character and nature of the offender.


Despite my tendency or that of any other, none of us are mind readers. None of us really understand why other people do what they do. In fact, we likely don't even know why we do what we  do. I certainly don't always know the "why" behind my own actions. God is the only Omnipotent One, which means He alone can judge without erroneously assuming the ability to read minds.