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monotheism and unity



Implied in the concept of monotheism is the idea that one God operates in the entire universe and has no rivals. All people fall under his jurisdiction, and no other gods even exist, much less compete with Him in influencing the history of humanity. Whereas polytheism promotes the idea that different groups or cultures compete against one another with the assistance of their own personal god or gods, monotheism says there is no other deity to compete with the one God who exists alone and therefore is the God of all.


Despite these implications, Christian Orthodoxy has devolved into a sort of pseudo- monotheism, which strives to divide the world up between two competing spiritual beings, God and Satan. To temper the obvious contradiction inherent between "Only one God" monotheism and the doctrine of a competitor with God, Christian theology has conjured up a being which operates as a demigod, a supposedly created being who is much more powerful than a mere man and fully able to war against God though strangely subordinate.


To add to the contradictory nature of their monotheistic doctrine, Orthodoxy has managed to keep the world divided over the issue of who has God's unique favor. As the various flavors of Christianity have been developed over the centuries, these numerous shades of monotheism have further subdivided humanity even among those who claim a belief in Judeo/Christian monotheism. In addition to the various religious divisions, western civilization has fractured into numerous nation states, each with a different allegiance to the general concept of monotheism and each competing with one another and often claiming the one God's assistance in their military and economic successes.  


The U.S. is a prime example of this Christian based pseudo-monotheism and its tendency to segregate and compete rather than unify and cooperate. When we hallow expressions like "God Bless America", we trumpet the belief that we exist separate and apart from the rest of the world, living behind manmade boundaries, and rightfully invoking God's support and affirmation to the exclusion of all others. Instead of our supposed monotheistic faith being a world unifier, it becomes no different from the divisive polytheism of the past. We have our "one true" God and the rest of the world has their fake or non-existent gods. Instead of recognizing and demonstrating our commitment to the unity of all mankind under the oversight and blessing of the one true God, we devise various doctrines and policies which allow us to remain smugly superior to and removed from the rest of the world. All of these suggest that the various ways mankind has separated from one another politically, culturally, economically, and religiously are sacred, being the will of our one true God.


Rather than a universal kingdom of righteousness in which all would be joined in love and brotherhood, self proclaimed monotheists consistently resist any and all attempts to work toward a unified world, often labeling such attempts as the work of the demigod, Satan, whose very existence makes a mockery of their claimed monotheism.