Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

moses demands, jesus invites



Moses coerces by way of divine authority. Jesus persuades by way of divine example.


The one denies freedom. The other establishes it as a sacred birthright.


The one assumes the worst in mankind, and the other assumes the very best.


One deals in cynicism, the other in optimism.


One engenders conflict and disunity. The other is based on peace and the brotherhood of all mankind.


One exalts the self and the pursuit of self righteousness. The other is focused outwardly and calls us to selflessness.


One promotes fear, failure, and frustration based on human achievement. The other promises success and security based on the power and purpose of God.


One attempts to control from the outside. The other transforms from the inside.


One honors the willingness of man. The other honors the will of God.


One focuses on actions in the physical realm with a promise of future blessings in the spiritual. The other points to transformation in the spiritual realm with promised blessings in the physical.


The one injects human intermediaries between God and man. The other elevates man into oneness with God.


The one is so ordinary that it seems totally believable. The other is so counter intuitive that it seems totally absurd.


The one reflects an ancient common worldview. The other represents unimaginable newness.


As Jesus said, No man can serve two masters. You have to choose. Moses or Jesus? Jesus or Moses? You can't serve them both.