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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Moses over Jesus



The fact that so many in the Christian community attach so powerfully to the nation of Israel, salvation by ritual obedience, and right wing politics and its associated dominion theology is a tacit admission that they are much more comfortable with and committed to Moses than Jesus. The exclusiveness of Old Testament Judaism with its Ten Commandments and the eye for an eye justice are much easier to deal with than the universal reach of Jesus and his Sermon on the Mount ethics.


The carnal mind relishes the concepts of personal achievement and moral superiority as identifying characteristics. The newness of Christ provides too little merit and too much equality for the taste of many of us.


This is the reason why the Golden Rule is never proposed as our national guiding principle, though Jesus clearly stated its superiority over the OT law. Nobody, especially the church, has figured out how to operate under the guidance of Jesus, so we just fall back on Moses and pretend like he and Jesus are the same thing.