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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

mutual diminishment


Perhaps you have noted how some people's theology requires that they try to elevate and glorify God by denigrating humanity. In that vein, I recently heard a preacher say that God doesn't need man. By that remark, I assume he implied that man needed God to rescue him from Hell, but God is too big to need anything that man could provide. It is the typical message of Orthodox Christianity - mankind is depraved and essentially worthless, so to the extent that God pays any attention to mankind, it represents some sort of magnificent graciousness on God's part, since mankind is so thoroughly unworthy. This is such a sad, pathetic picture of God, mankind, and the relationship between the two. God on the one hand appears distant, arbitrary, and self absorbed while humanity languishes in guilt, fear, and confusion as to its proper place in God's cosmic scheme.

If mankind is so unnecessary and meaningless to God, then why was man created in the first place- as play things for the Almighty? As the supposed pinnacle of creation, formed in the very image of God, man would more logically be the most significant part of God's creative purpose.

The entire idea that humanity is an affront to God and His righteousness and that the more men denigrate themselves before God the more God is pleased and exalted is a serious mental illness perpetrated by the church. The fact of the matter is this: God is not one iota diminished or exalted by anything we may do or not do. He is what He is without any dependence on mankind. That in no way diminishes mankind either. We are what God has created, the way He created us. We are not the by product of some spiritual mistake or loss of control over creation by God. To believe such is to dismiss God as the supreme power in the universe and in reality suggests that man's free will can trump the intentions of the Creator. To diminish mankind is an unavoidable diminishment of the God in whose image we are created.