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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

narrow minded openness



I perceive that I routinely fall into a logical trap in expressing my supposed religious openness. By religiously open I mean candid and unrestricted. In declaring myself open to new religious/spiritual understanding, I often find myself critical of those who still embrace a narrow, exclusive theology. Those of us who claim religious openness are actually narrow when we condemn others for not being as open as we are. Of course, I probably am not nearly as open as I like to think. Don't I still dismiss, segregate, and condemn about like always? Truthfully, much more than I'd like to admit.


Real openness demands the liberty for others to see things differently, even those I see as wrong. Openness allows for disagreement and should encourage honest debate. What it cannot endure is mean spirited condemnation of those in disagreement. Such leads to close mindedness, the very opposite of being amenable to change and diversity.