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necessary inferences



In a former denominational association, I was introduced to the notion that we know God’s requirements from the Bible by noting direct commands, examples, and so called “necessary inferences”. This latter technique involved the proper application of human logic, or so we were told. Now the word “inference” means the act of reaching a logical conclusion based on a known fact or proposition. In considering theological arguments I now often focus on what I would call the logical implications of the assumed or proposed theological truth. If the theological tenet implies something which seems unreasonable, unethical, or even absurd, I automatically dismiss the argument presented, no matter how many Bible verses one may put forth in its defense.


I do not accept that we are to believe unreasonable and arbitrarily dictated “truth” which violates our own conscience. No amount of biblical proof texts will ever make that which demeans God and His creation believable. I or anyone else cannot be compelled to believe what is basically abhorrent, even by divine fiat much less church doctrine. The church’s insistence that everyone must believe what they teach, regardless of how preposterous and absurd it might be, is human arrogance at its worst and totally unsupported by any evidence more convincing than mere tradition.