Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

There's No Getting Around It



The doctrine of eternal punishment has to be front and center for anyone who claims Christianity and its institutional church. There is no getting around it. The label Christian defines for almost everyone that religious group which claims divine acceptance for themselves and divine rejection and eternal punishment for everyone else. If that is not what you believe, you need a different label.


In today's more sophisticated and refined world, the church may often try to downplay this issue, but it remains in the background, implied if not specifically stated. There is no evangelism or missionary work or reason for the church without the idea that people need to escape from God's devastating eternal wrath.


Ministers may be inclined to stress love, joy, and peace as the necessary antidote to the stress and anxiety of our world; but, as long as they teach the "old, old story", they necessarily send people off on guilt trips which overshadow anything else being taught. Hanging onto this theological albatross is the perfect formula for failure, if your purpose is to bring people a spiritual blessing.