Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Out Hate the Haters



Our normal reaction to hatred is to return hate for hate. We attempt to out hate the haters. In fact, we hope to hate them back so much that they come to hate themselves for ever daring to hate us in the first place.


This "eye for an eye" principle was codified in the old Judaic law in the Old Testament. From that background, this concept of justice and the associated redemptive violence has characterized western civilization, being seen as a divine imperative. In other words, addressing evil with opposing force and violence is certified as the God ordained method. Not to respond in this manner is judged to be an evil in itself, a sign of weakness, inadequacy, and ungodliness.


In order to be recognized as a good, moral individual one must oppose evil aggressively and even violently. After all, our theology says God is a hater. The  worship of a God who hates propagates a people of hate.