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Overlapping Realms



Some of us speak frequently about a separate physical and spiritual realm. The biblical support for that dichotomy is drawn to some extent from II Corinthians 4:18 where the unseen things are thought to correspond to the spiritual realm and the seen to the physical. Since things are either seen or not, then the two realms must be distinctly separate, or so it seems.


Personally, I am unconvinced of this complete separation. For one thing the Greek word translated eternal is more accurately "age lasting" and not everlasting. Secondly, as one introduced to fulfilled eschatology and the concept of a transition age between the old covenant of a physical kingdom and the new covenant of a spiritual one, I notice the implied overlap of the physical and spiritual. What does this transitional overlap period teach us but the fact that the two realms are not mutually exclusive. One points to the other. Those in one interact in the other. The truth addresses both realms simultaneously.


Some may insist that the transition age was not symbolic or intended to symbolize my suggested integration of physical and spiritual, teaching instead that the transitions was first a mechanism to ease old covenant Jews into a new covenant reality and concurrently create a seedling of "firstfruit" believers out of which to plant the eternal kingdom . That may be, but and I like to think that any aspect of the Bible story reveals deeper truth. In that respect I tend to see more in the transition than a grace period for Jews and the budding of spiritual Israel from the seedbed of the remnant.