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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

painful introspection



As I prepared an article lamenting the profound tendency of many to insist that their opinion on social and political issues is the same as God's, I suddenly realized that any writer on religious issues, such as I, is likely viewed by readers as one who believes he expresses God's opinion. Consequently, I endured one of those painful moments of self awareness, where I collide head-on with my own inconsistencies. In that pain, I found some small measure of comfort in that I have previously suggested that inconsistency is not necessarily hypocrisy but merely a sign of an internal struggle to reconcile life's complexities.   


At any rate, I feel like this is the moment when I need to restate the fact that I do not speak for God. He has not called or appointed me as his spokesman. I believe He speaks to all of us, but not so any can regurgitate His words to others.


Some will undoubtedly ask why I write so emphatically about God and the subject of religion, if I don't claim to project God's opinion on any subject. Well, I think the answer to that question is that none of us can truly express God's opinion to another. The best we can do is share our opinion of what God's opinion is.


Many believe that they can read the divine text and know God's opinion beyond any doubt. That thinking depends on two things, the complete reliability of the text and the reader's ability to properly understand it. It is easy to see one's opinion, including one's understanding of the Bible, as infallible, but infallibility is never a part of human understanding. In saying that, I am again reminded of my own emphatic declarations and the inherent inconsistency. The more dogmatic I am, the more inconsistent I become.


The road to spiritual maturity has many potholes and side streets. No less than anyone else, I get diverted routinely. Mutual respect, including the acceptance of varying opinions about God without name calling and denunciation, provides the opportunity to learn from each other to our mutual benefit. I propose to leave the truth of my opinion about my God as a matter between your heart and your God.