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political correctness versus religious correctness


I routinely hear people complaining about what they term political correctness. These complaints are generally aimed at enforcement activities designed to suppress words and deeds by one group that another group finds offensive and demeaning. The complainers seem to imply that the aggrieved people just need to suck it up and laugh it off. If they can't do either, then tough, because offensiveness is too objective to be legislated against and the right to be offensive is an issue of personal freedom.

I notice that the objectors to PC are quite often adherents of Christian Orthodoxy. These are the same ones who preach or at least endorse the necessity of religious correctness. In that promotion of religious correctness, the church and its members never hesitate to demand that their religious sensitivities be honored by shielding them from ideas, words, and actions they consider offensive. They take offense often, expect the government to eliminate the offenders, and feel perfectly righteous in so doing.

If religious feelings of the church need protection from perceived offensiveness, then they need to reciprocate and eliminate their own offensiveness in belittling others with their sectarian dogma.  Hey, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.