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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

peace on god's terms



Peace is perhaps the most sought after human condition ever. Of course, the concept of peace includes much more than simply freedom from outside threats of physical harm. A much greater aspect of peace is the internal kind, peace of mind, freedom from the anxiety driven by fear of loss, of inadequacy, of failure,


Based on comments of numerous individuals, I conclude that the much desired peace is unattained by most of us. The vast majority admit to being burdened with stress and anxiety in countless daily situations. Concurrently, the medical profession warns us that stress is a major factor in ill health, both mental and physical.


In the midst of all this emphasis on the negative results of stress, we encounter a whole host of professionals who play on our fears for financial gain. Who ever convinced us that the way to deal with our fears is to listen incessantly to fear merchants. If you suffer with anxiety, stress, and depression your first step should be to turn off the noise from those who sell fear: advertisers, media celebrities, pundits, politicians, and preachers. The purveyors of fear have such a solid grip on us that we have been convinced that it is our moral obligation to feed on fear so we can be good citizens and divinely acceptable. Being vigilant and fearful is said to be our sacred duty.


We seek peace in all the wrong places. Peace does not come about because the risks inherent in being alive cease to affect us. Peace is only possible in how we react to life. I know I have encountered people in my life who seem unperturbed regardless of life circumstances. These rare individuals are a light pointing to the possibility of peace, not on our terms, by our being able to control the external circumstances of our lives, but on God's terms, by seeking (Romans 14:19) the mindset which sees the opportunities and blessings which are hidden in the worst of experiences.


We will never enjoy peace until we see what peace really is. It is a state of mind. It is the forsaking of conflict. Those who propose to fight are not peacemakers or peace maintainers. They are warriors, the opponents of peace. If you feel compelled to judge, ostracize, and oppose, you make peace impossible, especially for yourself. Peace is not a dream, an impossibility; it is the awakening from a state of dreamlike unreality.