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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

perfectly understandable



The church presents a horrible story about God's impending wrath and general ill will toward humanity and wants to declare their largely unsuccessful escape plan as "Good News". Then when the world rejects this tale, they get upset and heap condemnation on everyone outside their insular group. Under any normal circumstances, a similar story would be seen as decidedly bad. Only in the realm of religion, where supposedly man's ethical judgment is irrelevant and human reasoning is to be suspended, could the ignominious be redefined as glorious.


Quite literally, the world's general reaction to Christian Orthodoxy with its insistence on eternal punishment and required conformity to church dogma is perfectly understandable. It is understandable, not because rejection of the church message was prophesied in the Bible or because men are so willfully evil. The world's attitude toward the underlying tenets of Christianity are perfectly natural and appropriate because no one should unreservedly embrace such a convoluted definition of goodness.