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Personal Religious convictions


The habit of the church has been to discourage the open discussion of personal religious convictions. An institution dependent on unquestioning faith is not in a good position to foster debate and honest inquiry. Questions engender doubts and doubting is supposedly condemned. In addition, questions make it uncomfortable for the ones who have to deal with the questions. As a consequence of this background, church doctrine marches on from generation to generation, essentially unchallenged. In every church, members harbor personal convictions which do not square with the prevailing doctrine; and, by tacit agreement, these are never raised within the confines of the classes or services or even in a private setting.

In order to make any progress spiritually in our society, this in-bred reticence to express our true spiritual thoughts and to openly challenge the religious status quo must be forsaken by the average member. We cannot wait for the clergy to lead us out of the spiritual wilderness; they have too much invested in the old theologies.

For sure there are questions probably no one can answer, but even these should be open to discussion. Sharing the fact that we struggle with certain issues without resolution is mutually beneficial. Helpful insights can come from unexpected places and often do.

Until the day that the church becomes a place where open, honest inquiry is fostered, it will remain a dead institution, masquerading as the sponsor of Christ. The supposed defense of the faith is, in fact, simply a euphemism for self preservation and the maintenance of the traditions of men.