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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Platitudinous Religion



We endure a culture in which platitudinous religion and its secular counterpart, platitudinous patriotism, are the traditional mainstays. Simply mouthing select scripture verses, unquestioned doctrinal statements, or pious declarations are sufficient in the minds of many to establish both proper religious as well as patriotic credentials. "God Bless America" and "In God We Trust", as mere assertions, have become both magical and mandatory. It's as if God's favor is just there for the asking, whenever we choose to say the right words, words with nebulous meanings. Do we really believe that God is at our beck and call, to do our will, and favor us in competition with others? What kind of deity operates as a human puppet, doing our bidding in all sorts of questionable, self serving operations?


Pious platitudes and public acts of piety fall squarely into a category roundly condemned by Christ. His instruction was to pray in private, not in loud self promoting public oratory. He rejected the praying Pharisee who so pompously thanked God that his righteousness exceeded that of the poor publican. These examples make the outward displays of piety and doctrinal correctness, which have become the bread and butter of much American religion, an overt rejection of Jesus.


Yet, amazingly, self identified Christians fall all over fawning politicians and church leaders who claim to be God's man because of a special divine calling. That assertion is often corroborated by little else than evidence which Christ himself invalidated.