Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

politics is theology


Politics is just another word for theology. That message is hammered home by the insistence of many that their faith forms their politics. The prevalent "every man for himself" view of how to operate within our society is directly correlated with our traditional theological understanding that each individual's eternal fate is theirs to work out and insure. No one can do it for you. You are own your own. I am not your spiritual keeper in any real sense or measure.

By extension life in general is yours to work out and succeed in on your own; or not. Individualism and its implied isolation are the bedrock of Christian theology. There is no collective salvation. Jesus may have died for all, but that is wasted until each individual acts. Theological success requires individual, personal action.

By extension all other forms of human endeavor succeed the same way, individually, without regard to the success of others. You are indeed an island in the overall sea of humanity as far as God is concerned, because no one else, even Jesus, counts, in determining your success or failure. And then no one else can succeed because of you. They too are solely responsible for their success. No excuses allowed. No alibis.

No extenuating circumstances are considered, just like in our theology. The prevailing theology, on the one hand, leads inexorably to a reflected political philosophy, on the other.